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Who are we?

We are a small friendly local family business. As a fully licensed and insured small business we strive to provide a Professional and Reliable service for the local community. We usually operate on a monthly cycle, this helps keep your windows, frames and sills cleaner for longer.

Do you have leaded light windows, and don't want damp rags smudging your window panes, leaving a not so great finish? Are you fed up of ladders marking your property, making clanging noises when you want peace? Do you want to have peace of mind knowing your windows will be looked after professionally and safely, with over 15 years of experience? Do you want clean windows but do not have the time to maintain them? Spiderwebs making your house look more like a haunted house than a 'home'? Look no further than Tim's Scrims Window Cleaning Services. 

Why use Reach & Wash with hot water? 

We use Reach & Wash for a number of reasons: 

1 - Ability to reach windows that traditional ways just cannot match.

2 - The use of purified water excludes the use of harsh chemicals and soaps getting built up in the gaps and corners of your windows.

3 - Health & Safety - minimizing the element of risk to the Cleaner, the Customer and their property.

4 - Hot water melts stubborn dirt and marks away much quicker with less pressure on your windows.

5 - Cleans more with ease and more effective than cold water. We clean our dishes with hot water for the same reasons.

6 - The ability of delivering an all year round quality service, without running into freezing hoses and frosty pumps.

Fully Insured

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